Family Spa ~ Treat Boulevard ~ Concord

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Body massages
Our masseurs and masseuses have 
mastered the massages of many 
places and times. Their hearts are 
warm and so are their hands and the 
oil they use. He or she will use soothing moves, deep kneading, and will vary their touch from gentle pressing to deep pressure, all the while checking with you to make sure you get the massage you want. Breathe deep and easy on the wide comfortable massage table, of a suitable temperature, as he or she takes your body on a journey of joy.

Rooms for couples
Bring a companion to enjoy a massage together. You could chat quietly, sigh together, or simply appreciate the massage and the tinkly, quiet, exotic music entering the room and surrounding you.

Chair massage
A very supportive chair tilts you slightly forward, allowing the masseur or masseuse to bring plenty of pressure to your back, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands. It's simple and 
simply invigorating; leaving you relaxed yet alert.

Foot massage
Let it happen. Sigh and lie back in a large luxuriously 
upholstered chair, as your feet soak in warm water.
When your feet are ready,  
your masseur or masseuse 
massages, touches, rubs, 
presses and flexes your 
feet in all the right places, 
for an enchanted feeling. 
Close your eyes, feel the 
energy surge through you. 
Combination foot and body massage
In your private room,  you will first be treated to a splendid foot massage, as your masseur or masseuse performs the ancient healing art of reflexology. He or she will hit all the right spots, 
to leave you with a pleasant floating sensation.

Then you will move to a massage table to enjoy 
a massage of both traditional and modern modes. 
These two massages add up to an
experience to leave you with 
a feeling of exultance from 
your scalp to your toes, 
hitting all the right spots, 
wth the pressure varying 
from barely touching  to very 
vigorous pressure, with you always 
choosing how deep he or she goes.